CCB operates with 2 main departments, “Project” and “Compliance” which can provide assistance separately or as implemented packages. The experience has shown that project engineers can very well ensure that equipment is being purchased, certified or being installed with the proper maintenance schedules in place according to Brazilian legislation’s and Petrobras contract requirements. He can rely on a very extensive, continuously updated database and if required, he knows who to ask. Visa versa, if the QHSE consultant needs specific technical information; it is all in-house and quickly made available without losing time and he/she can continue with his/hers specific focus. Having both expertise available on-hand allows trustworthy and quick exchange of critical information.

Engineers for maintenance projects, upgrades, new builds
• Project managers, project team members.
• On-floor supervisors and 3rd party team leaders.
• Commissioning programs, commissioning engineers, sea trials and acceptance tests, including the CCB “hand-over and ownership program” for the operating crew.
• Specific inspections to define work scopes, prepare bid-packages to optimize local content, preparations and planning.
• CCB program for punch lists, corrective action control and reliable progress snapshots reports.

Projects – Regulatory compliance consultants
• Compliance assessments during design and building periods for critical equipment, risk & safety-, environmental- and operational requirements.
• Migration-, Repetro processes and DAC procedures for acceptance within Brazilian waters for the rig, equipment and accompanying material.
• Requirements for Petrobras vendor- and contract regime.

Company start up (with associated law firm and accountant bureau)
• Formation of Brazilian entity, confection of social contract, registrations at tax authorities and commercial boards.
• Local administration, legal representation, M&A matters.
• Brazilian legislation for capital formation (RECAP procedures), registration at central bank.
• Foreign work- and living visa requests and local labor legislation advice.
• Practical assistance for suitable office and equipment, selection procedures of local labor, QHSE training of personnel.

Operations – Regulatory compliance consultants
• Pendency programs;

1. Fast corrective actions of “A” pendencies and high cost pendencies.
2. Preventive programs.

• Training programs for pendency pro-active behavior of operating crew.
• Implementation of CCB developed procedures, tracking- and progress monitoring tools.
• QHSE trouble shooting assessments of on- & offshore operations.
• Pre audits for ANP, PSC, CONAMA and other main regulatory bodies.

Document control consultants according Petrobras procedures
• Structuring of all documents as per Petrobras (ANP) requirements.
• Documents Inventory in Excel or in Microsoft Access Database.